Men's Fellowship


President: Rev. S. Immanuel Devakadatcham

Vice President: Dr. J. B. Santiago

Secretary: Mr. D. Jeyaraj

Treasurer: Mr. P. Koilpitchai

On December 4, 1990 a group of men from St. Georges Cathedral in the premises of the newly dedicated St.George’s Church, Tiruporur discussed the possibility of having a Fellowship. When the pastor Rev. Amos Manoharan joined them, he was very happy that this would fulfill a long felt need of the Cathedral and the Men’s Fellowship was born on that eventful day.

The Cathedral Men’s Fellowship now is a fellowship wing of the church and has 58 members. The Men’s Fellowship meets every second Sunday after the 7:30 morning service.

The Men’s Fellowship seeks new ways to witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help the Cathedral in the various ministries. Some of their activities include:

Visiting the Sick in the hospitals, Visit to the Prisons, Retreat for the Members, Monthly House Prayer Meetings, and Bereavement support to families.

The Men’s Fellowship’s also helps the Cathedral by providing assistance in distributing refreshments after the Good Friday service for the entire congregation present on that day and also helps substantially in a stall during Ingathering festival held in September through which income would go towards church projects.