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  Presbyter's Letter

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the matchless Name of our Lord and Saviour  Jesus Christ. I thank and praise Him for leading and guiding us in all our activities in the past  month.

As usual, the  month of October began with a Holy Eucharistic Service at 7:00 am in the  Cathedral and well attended by many members. Following the service I had to conduct  a wedding rehearsal service at 8:00 am for  a couple who were  to marry on the same day evening.Again since it was the first day of the month I also conducted the Holy Eucharistic Service in the Diocesan Chapel at 9:30 am for the Diocesan staff. After  that , at 11:30 am I participated in the celebration of Elders' Day programme at Nimmadhi Ilam organized by our Cathedral Sixty plus Fellowship.  The message that I preached in Nimmadhi Ilam on Elders day is published in this issue.

On the 7th October during the evening service, the ST. George's Cathedral Men's Chorus and Cathedral Ensemble performed a choral concert. I would like to thank Mr. Benny Samuel, the conductor  of the Cathedral Men's Chorus and all the participants for their involvement  and the soulful singing.

On 13th  October we had the Church  Cleaning programme which was well attended by our members. I thank all those who have spared their time and energy for this good cause. I thank Mr. D.C.Sunderraj and Mr. P.F. Manoraj for  initiating this programme.

A peace Rally was organized by the Diocesan Department for Dalit and Adivasi Concerns on 28th  October  at Eliot's Beach and our Sunday School Children participated  in the rally. I thank the Sunday School Superintendent, the teachers and also the parents who have  taken their time to bring their children to participate in the rally.

On 6th October I have been appointed by our Bishop as the Clergy Trustee of  St. George's Cathedral and to preside over the meetings of  the  Trustees.

In the year 1816 Edward Vaughan Clerk, Senior Chaplain and later elevated as Archdeacon of Madras(1820 -28), Marmaduke Thompson Clerk, Junior Chaplin under the Presidency of Fort Saint George, John Hugh Donald Ogilvie, James Lillyman Caldwell, a Lieutenant Colonel of  Engineers in the military service of the United Company under the same Presidency, David Hill also in the same Military service Esquire and Richard Yeldmam of  Fort Saint George Esquire were appointed as  the  first Trustees.  When Richard Yeldmam, one of the Trustees died, the United company of Merchants of England revoked the above  conveyance and appointed  new Trustees on 9.01.1821 consisting of


  1. William Thomas Clerk Senior Chaplin,
  2. Morgan Davis Clerk, Junior Chaplin,
  3. John Hugh Donald Ogilvie,
  4. George Garrow and
  5. Richard Clarke.


On 11.12.1835 the honourable East India Company in pursuance of  the power Vested in them removed William Thomas, Morgan Davis, John Hugh Donald Ogilvie, George Garrow and Richard Clarke from being Trustees and appointed  the Reverend Henry Harper Clerk, Senior Chaplin, The Reverend Fredrick Spring Clerk, Junior Chaplin, Robert Clerk, John Carnac Morris and Lt. Col. William Montieth to be the Trustees.

As mentioned in the original deed, in the formation of Saint  George's church Trustees in the year 1816 and in the year 1821 and in the year 1835 the first two members of the Trustees were Clergy. In the later years. Rev.G. France, Rev. Francis Edward Westowaite, Rev. Robert Collier, Rev. lawarenc.S Jackson, Rev. John Muerdock Wallace, Rev. David Max Samuel(1962 - 64) served as Trustees and they were the one who chaired the meetings of the Trustees.

This time-honored practice has now been revived again with a view to Coordinating all the activities  of the cathedral. I thank our Bishop, Rt.Rev.Dr.V.Devasahayam for entrusting me this great responsibility and I look forward to your prayerful support as I take up this new assignment.

Please  remember Sophie, Clara and me in your prayers.


In his Grace,

Rev. Immanuel Devakadatcham


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